Shoot film and digital – Best of both worlds

Unless I plan to go light, I usually travel with more than one camera. My digital system camera of choice is the Sony A7, and most of the time I also bring my Panono with me for panoramic images.

For film, on the other hand, I often struggle to decide what to take. For medium format, I often have to decide between the Bronica EC-TL and the ETRSi. With 35mm, it’s even harder. Do I go light and bring the Contax TVS, or do I pack a whole other system?

I recently decided to go a different route – pack the Canon EOS33V and make the Sony A7 share the lenses (I use EOS lenses with an adapter). And here are some results from that:

Innerfragant Riverbed

Innerfragant Lake and Motorcycle


Nassfeld Mountain

Innerfragant Road

You can find more images from my trip with the Canon 33V on flickr.


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